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Jan. 12, 2023

A Mystery Solved: The Search for my Irish Grandmother (#802)

In this episode we trace the origins - and more - of Carina's mystery Irish grandmother. I say "mystery" because Carina only ever knew her as "Granny Cronin". So, join us as we look to solve this mystery - with plenty of journeys, unexpected turns, twists and interesting characters along the way.

We've arranged the show in the following 5 parts - with music and songs of Cork City and County Cork along the way:

Part 1: Introduction: Who was my Irish grandmother, where was she born and many more questions!

Song: "I know my love" performed by Maura O'Connell.

Part 2: What I know: Where my grandmother lived, worked and is buried.

Song: "The Boys of Fairhill" performed by Jimmy McCarthy.

Part 3: Success! A Journey to the Place my grandmother was born.

Song: "The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee" performed by Seán Ó Sé.

Part 4: Traveling back to the deep roots: The Norman origins of my Irish grandmother's family.

Song: "The Contender" performed by Finbar Wright.

Part 5: Wrapping up: My Closing thoughts and the journey so far!