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Season 1

Sept. 14, 2017

Irish Placenames - A Journey along an old Irish Road (#110)

In this episode, Carina reads two of our letters from Ireland. First up we take a look at how Irish placenames receive those names, and the letter is called: "From Cows to River-Mouths". Then, she takes us on a journey …

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Sept. 7, 2017

A Trip to the Moon - In the Footsteps of 2 Irish Scientists (#109)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Show, we travel in the footsteps of two Irish scientists - one with a section of the moon named after them and the other responsible for the mathematics behind the computers we …

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Jan. 28, 2016

A Trip to Ireland - The Secrets to Planning your Trip (#108)

In this episode we share our favourite ways to plan a great trip to Ireland.

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Jan. 13, 2016

4 Irish Women - Tales of Adversity and Triumph (#107)

4 Irish Women - Tales of Adversity and Triumph

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Jan. 7, 2016

Irish Placenames - Is Your surname hidden in one of these places? (#1…

Did one of your Irish surnames come out of one of these placenames in Ireland? It's surprising just how many places received their names from the local leading family - see if one of yours is here!

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Dec. 24, 2015

2 Tales about Religion in Ireland (#105)

Do you have Methodist or Quaker ancestors in your Irish family tree? If the answer is yes, then listen on....

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Dec. 18, 2015

Pete MacCarthy - Always Visit a Pub with your name over the door (#10…

We take a trip around some Irish pubs - and follow the advice of one Pete MacCarthy to "Always visit a pub with your name over the door"!

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Dec. 3, 2015

A New Show - Welcome to The Letter from Ireland Show (#101)

Here we are with the very first episode of the Letter from Ireland show. What's it all about? Listen on....

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