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Jan. 19, 2023

Another Mystery Solved: The Search for my Irish Grandfather (#803)

In this episode we trace the origins of Carina's Irish grandfather - Bartholomew Cronin. He died well before she was born and she only recently realised how little she knew of his early days, the wider family and his final resting place". So, join us as we look to solve this mystery - with plenty of journeys, unexpected turns, twists and interesting characters along the way.

We've arranged the show in the following 5 parts - with music and songs of County Cork along the way:

Part 1: Introduction: Who was my Irish grandfather, where was he born, reared and buried - and many more questions!

Song: "The Macroom Lassies" performed by Jackie Daly and Séamus Creagh.

Part 2: Finding Bartholomew in the Records and a trip to the place he lived and worked.

Song: "The Bold Thady Quill" performed by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

Part 3: Success! A Journey to the Place my grandfather was born, lived his early years and is buried.

Song: "The Banks of The Lee" performed by Arkady and The Voice Squad.

Part 4: Traveling back to the deep roots: Gougane Barra and the start of an Irish family dynasty.

Song: "The Parting Glass" performed by The Voice Squad.

Part 5: Wrapping up: My Closing thoughts and the journey so far!

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