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Oct. 4, 2018

From an Irish Cottage to a Castle - A Journey into one Woman's Hidden Past (#308)

Carina never knew the surname that her paternal grandmother was born with - she only knew to call her "Granny"! So, we decided to find out a little more. What did we discover? Well, join us in this episode of the Letter from Ireland show as we go on a voyage of discovery - starting in a small shop in the Irish countryside - then on to a cottage on the fringes of Cork City - before finishing up at a grand castle.

There are lots of surprises along the way - and lots of mysteries solved also! This is a story that is both personal and universal, one that reaches from the present into the ancient past - maybe you have a story (or mystery) just like this one in your Irish family tree? Want to find out? Well, join us now as we start by asking Carina just what she knows - and does not know - about her "Granny Cronin".

Then, we hit the road and the records to find out more. We know you'll enjoy this journey!