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May 25, 2023

What Happens when an Irish Bard Reads Your Family History (#821)

In this episode we look at two different styles of story-telling. First, Carina reads out "Which County did your Irish Ancestor Come from?". This is a letter in a standard essay format - and Carina chats about the formation of the different counties in Ireland.

In the second feature we do something very different - but very Irish! We ask an Irish Poet/Bard to look at the family history of one of our Green Room members and then to put the entire saga from their origins in Ireland and move to the USA INTO VERSE.

Our talented Bard, Cormac Lally, makes it all sound easy and entertaining - and I think you will especially appreciate that Cormac reads the family history himself. You might even get an insight into why the Irish chieftains of old held these poets and bards in such high esteem.

Along the way we have lots of great Irish music and song - all featuring the County of Galway in this episode. Enjoy!

Music featured in this episode:

  • "The Arrival of The Queen of Sheba to Galway" performed by Dé Dannan.
  • "The Rocky Road to Dublin" performed by The High Kings.
  • "Galway Bay" performed by Dolores Keane.

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